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Welcome to Your Wedding Journey

Are you ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime? Your wedding day is a celebration of love, commitment, and the continuation of a beautiful partnership. As a wedding celebrant on the Sunshine Coast, I’m here to guide you through every step of the way, from envisioning your dream ceremony to bringing it to life.  I consider it a collaboration.  I do the hard part, and you, the easy part.

This series of posts is designed as a folio of ideas; a compendium to help us plan out your wedding or elopement ceremony.  I am here to assist you in writing and preparing all aspects of your ceremony.  You can read all of it, or dip inot the chapters when necessary. Or read none of it. It’s here as a reference guide.
Together let’s make your ceremony perfect for you.


Crafting Your Perfect Ceremony – Part 1

Wedding Ceremony Structure Demystified- Part 2

Rituals, Traditions & Special Moments – Part  3

Sample Marriage Ceremonies – Part 4

Wedding Vows – Traditional – Part 5a

Wedding Vows – Samples – Part 5b

Exchanging Wedding Rings – Part 6

Changing to Your Married Name – Part 7

Poetry and Prose – Part 8

Marriage Certificates – Part 9

Feedback – Part 10

Rainbow happiness

Rainbow happiness

same sex weddings australia

Rainbow weddings

Same sex marriages are here to stay in Australia.

Rainbow happiness is everywhere. I feel frivolous and you can’t wipe the grin from my face.

I am available for your wedding whoever you are, whatever kind of ceremony you want. In fact I was the first celebrant in Australia to officially conduct a legal same sex marriage.

LGBTIQ marriage austrsalia votes yesYes

Today was inevitable, but important. Australia voted yes to equality. Legislation will follow in the fullness of time. LGBTIQ couples will have the right to marry, to express their love in a wedding ceremony to seal their marriage in the eyes of their friends, family AND the law. Australia will celebrate in a rainbow of colours.

wedding celebrant

I would love to be your marriage celebrant, to assist you in designing the perfect ceremony for you.You may have no idea where to begin. But I do.

It begins with a fresh canvas. We talk, we laugh, reminisce, smile at memories, tear up over touching tales, share stories. Then I begin to have ideas, throw some scenarios into the mix. We flesh out ideas, bringing in other characters, and discussing who might be involved. Then I begin to write, to navigate through all the ideas and possibilities. And send it to you for feedback. and that’s just the first steps towards your amazing and unique wedding ceremony…. no matter who you are.

But right here I wish to indulge is some thematic fun. Today’s story is a pictures story of rainbow happiness.