Your marriage ceremony

Kari - celebrant creating ceremonies on teh Sunshine Coast in Queensland

Creating Your Marriage Ceremony

A bespoke wedding that makes your unique story into a memorable wedding ceremony.

Your ceremony will be unique to you and your story.  My aim is that it is an enjoyable & satisfying process, relaxed & joyous on the day and absolutely unforgettable for you AND your guests.

A wedding ceremony is a uniquely personal and special event…And when you have your own bespoke ceremony it becomes much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Do you want a marriage ceremony that truly reflects you?

Want to know how to create an occasion worth your story?

Not sure where to start creating your marriage ceremony? I can help.

You can have fun creating the wedding ceremony that reflects you. I’ll help you find out how.

My promise to You..

…that your wedding ceremony will reflect you, your wishes and be as memorable and meaningful as you want it to be. In order to do this I spend as much time as it takes to create your marriage ceremony.

I begin with a fresh canvas every time.

I offer an all inclusive package price covering every aspect of your wedding ceremony from start to completion.  Any extra time required to perfect your marriage ceremony will be at NO extra charge.


The Next Step

Meet Kari … It’s important to meet your marriage celebrant before you decide. “So you name the local cafe, and I’ll be there.”

Remember, the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be lodged one month and one day prior to the date of the wedding. This means there is at least 31 days before I can marry you.

Contact me and we can arrange the NOIM as you wish. I can bring you the form or you can download it now and have a peek.  However I have a simpler and more trouble free way of filling it in once we meet.

Kari - Sunshine Coast celebrant for weddings and funerals in Queensland
Creating marriage ceremonies on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland towns, in Queensland

My marriage celebrant service includes:

  • Time … as long as it takes to get it perfect
  • All meetings or planning sessions, phone calls and emails
  • All government & legal marriage requirements and lodgement of wedding paperwork to BDM, with followup
  • Complimentary assistance to apply for registered marriage certificate, with no more need to show BDM your ID… again!!
  • A wedding rehearsal
  • Suggestions on wedding ceremonial locations, music, theme, rituals and symbols
  • Unique wedding ceremony script sent to you and your inout valued and taken on board
  • Keep-sake booklet of your marriage vows and wedding ceremony, a memento for future anniversaries
  • Appropriate dress to suit your ceremony; even themed dress
  • Professional highest quality MIPRO outdoor PA with microphones, usb and phone/music gadget plugins.
  • Selection of glass vases to enhance candle or sand ceremonies, or table decorations
  • A ring treasure chest, or other accoutrements
  • Signing table with white cloth, and chair
  • Quality gold pen for signing
  • Inclusive fee covering every aspect of your ceremony from start to completion, no extras later
  • Bridal party emergency kit, with hairpins, safety pins rescue remedy, tissues, small scissors, buttonhole pins
  • Tips for combatting wedding nerves and anxiety
  • Tie knotting service for the blokes, groom and groomsmen including the full windsor for a tie.
  • Buttonhole flower pinning or adjustment for the guys
  • AND complimentary fun, laughter, meaning, engagement with no stress

Tell me about your plans your wishes, your dreams

Your wedding is about you two. Tell me your wishes, ideas, dreams. Together we’ll craft the sparkling occasion you wish for. Starting with a fresh canvas every time, your marriage ceremony is written to suit you. Your story and your ideas are woven into a memorable wedding ceremony; captivating and engaging for you and your guests. You get to relax and enjoy your wedding ceremony; no nerves, just fun and sparkle.

Experience in performance & events

With years living abroad in other cultures, 100s of weddings under my belt, and extensive experience as a performer, an MC, a creative event organiser, a writer, and an artist, I understand how to turn your visions into reality.  I will be your marriage celebrant.

Creative, inclusive inspiration

You will get ideas on how to include special people, prose, rituals, culture, interests and meaningful tributes. And as much of my time as it takes to create your ceremony

If you’re not yet sure about what you want, I help you with the process of identifying what’s important to you, to create a ceremony that expresses it meaningfully. You can be a bit different, a tad creative.