Adding Magical Moments:

Rituals in a marriage ceremony can be the most memorable moments for you and your guests.  They say with actions rather than words.  The following ideas just about cover the elements of fire air, earth and water; some are my ideas, some are borrowed goodies.  My speciality is creating new rituals specially for you.

Incense sticks displayed in an orange for a wedding ritual

Breaking Bread and Raising a Glass: Food & Drink Rituals

Indulge in a symbolic meal that nourishes not just your bodies, but your love for each other. What is your symbolic “daily bread”?  What do you need each day to sustain you, and nurture each other? What would you drink to toast the important occasions in your life? It is a symbol that we do not live by bread alone.  We want to nurture living and love.

Whether it’s cinnamon toast, Mum’s homemade bread, or Dad’s special beer, bring your daily bread and toast to life’s celebrations.  Let’s feast, toast, and savor the sweetness of love together!

Special plates or vessels can be mementos of this ritual, or a part of your daily bread.

Bottles of champagne and glasses ready for a wedding toast

Flowing Waters: The Water Ceremony

Immerse yourselves in the symbolism of water, the sustainer of life.  Water collected from a favourite place, place of memory or desire, or joining waters from different places is a delightful ritual.  Children and other family members can be included.  Special ceramic or glass vessels can be used to pour and receive.

Pour waters from meaningful places into joined vessels, symbolizing the blending of your lives and the support of your loved ones. Let the waters flow, uniting your past, present, and future in a beautiful moment of unity.

Igniting Passion: The Candle Ceremony

Set the stage on fire with the warm glow of candles, symbolizing the spark of love and passion between you. Light candles together, pass the flame from one to another, and watch as your love shines bright. Let the flame of your love burn eternal in this enchanting ritual.

Lighting candles together, lighting one from another, passing flame from one to another, creating fire sticks are examples of fire ritual. 

a glass vase of lit candles in a wedding ceremony

Tying the Knot: Love’s Eternal Bond

It’s  literally getting hitched with a heart shaped knot!  Embrace the symbolism of the lovers’ knot, two lives intertwined on their journey together. As you tie the knot, celebrate the bond that binds you, both as individuals and as a couple. Let this knot be a symbol of your enduring love and commitment to each other.

Or perhaps it is a handfasting ceremony with a long set of ribbons to wrap about your joined hands.  Each a wrap of the hands a vow, each binding a promise .

Love Jar: Sealing Your Commitment

Create a jar filled with symbols of your relationship’s strength and beauty. From rocks symbolizing love and respect to flowers representing inner beauty, each element is a testament to your commitment to each other. Let this jar serve as a visual reminder of the love and support that surrounds you.

Rocks – Love and respect, the bedrocks of your relationship

Sand – From a location of poignance.

Seeds – The start of something new

Spices – A reminder of the colour and excitement you both bring to your relationship and its continued importance

Glass -Relationships are not all smooth sailing, everyone has faults and sharp edges but just as the rocks and sand of the beach have weathered the sharp edges of this piece of glass so too will the strong foundations of your relationship.

Flowers – A symbol of beauty and a reminder to see the inner beauty in each other and the importance of stopping in the busy times ahead and taking the time to ‘smell the flowers’

Growing Together: Planting Trees

Plant the seeds of your love and watch them grow into a flourishing tree of life. As you plant two trees whose leaves will entwine, symbolize your ongoing growth and unity as a couple. Let this tree be a living testament to the love that continues to blossom between you.

Sands of Time: The Sand Ceremony

Embrace the ancient tradition of the Sand Ceremony, as you blend your individual sands into one. Pouring sand from separate vessels into a shared container symbolizes your unity while honoring your individuality. Let the sands of time remind you that although you are one, you remain unique individuals.

Opening the Door: A Playful Exchange

In a light-hearted twist on tradition, playfully negotiate your entry into married life with the opening of the door ceremony. Relay messages, gifts, or songs between your families until both parties agree it’s time to say “I do.” Let laughter and love pave the way to your happily ever after.

Introducing the Families: Bridging Bonds

Bring your families together with a heartfelt introduction, as you share stories and special moments with your loved ones. Let this be a time of connection and celebration, as you build bridges between your past and future.

In many cultures either the bride or grooms family arrives in procession bringing gifts and must request entry to the other’s home or their is a negotiation between families.  In a light hearted reflection of these traditions, the opening of the door ceremony is more like a game.

How about this engaging ritual: Before the ceremony begins, the couple stand in different places of the venue, and ask families and guests to be the support of one or the other.  Special guests or most effectively the children are requested to relay messages back and forth between the two parties.  Questions, comments, jokes go between two communities and families, until both parties agree that it is a great idea to be married.  This ceremony is fun and light hearted. 

Alternatively gifts or songs can be sent back and forth; representative dowries or family symbols.

From Hobbies to Happily Ever After: Personalizing Your Ceremony

Infuse your passions and interests into your ceremony, making it uniquely yours. Whether it’s music, sports, or art, let’s find creative ways to incorporate what makes you, you, into your special day.

Introducing the families

A wedding frequently brings together many people who may not have met before.  And of course everyone wants to know who is responsible!  A touching gesture is for the celebrant to introduce the bride or groom, who in turn introduces their family and special friends or community.  And then it’s the other one’s turn.