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Kari-artisan celebrant

Hello, and thanks for visiting…. But why the artisan celebrant? 

An artisan is a skilled craftsperson, someone who creates something unique and special.  It implies handcrafted, beautifully finished.  It’s like touching the hands of the maker.

Ever since I can remember I have wanted to create.  As a kid with paper origami, as a teen with performance in stage musicals, as an adult with words, as a teacher and storyteller, with clay as a sculptor and clarinet as a musician.  Some of my creations include a large sculptural temple on a lake, a huge inflatable whale, a kingfisher puppet, costumes, flags, and tiny hearts.

These days I manage to combine all my creative skills in being a Sunshine Coast celebrant.  It is interesting what one draws on to create a unique ceremony.  Ceremony is about touching the feelings within.  I tap into the realm of feelings via this creativity. 

And what you want, is for your guests to believe that your celebrant has always been a good friend; a friend who knows you, and can warmly invite your guests into a story woven about you.

Your Wedding Ceremony

Let’s explore the possibilities for your ceremony. I will help you to weave a story; helping tease out simple ideas into a bigger picture with memorable outcomes.  As a celebrant on the Sunshine Coast, I look for the connections.

Many years ago I worked with creative teams to create local festivals and events.  We made puppets, organised choirs, encouraged kids… but the overarching theme was connection.  It is connection that drives me.  Connection is what you seek through ceremony.

Whats more I can draw on many of the other skills I have collected along the way. Do you relish poetry, want a Sanskrit verse, or perhaps an entire ceremony in French or Indonesian?  I speak both these languages and am happy to incorporate other languages of choice. Ask about my Weddings with a French Flair package.  Or ask me to design a ritual just for you.

With years of living abroad in other cultures, a lifetime of performing and extensive experience facilitating community festivals and events, I can draw on a wealth of ideas to assist in creating your special occasion.

Kari - your celebrant for weddings in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and on coastal beaches
Marriage celebrant for weddings and funerals anywhere on the Sunshine Coast both hinterland and coastal beaches

Celebrant with experience

What else can I draw on?

I have worked in a variety of professions including lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, event director for CERES & Maroochy Waterwatch, performer, workshop co-ordinator, ceramic artist and teacher.  As a multi skilled performer, I have worked as a story teller, a musician, public speaker and MC at festivals, conferences and events large and small.

There have also been some unusual jobs; a concert-organ grinder at Victoria Markets, a wardrobe assistant at Victorian Opera, a theatre costume designer, a sculptor, a musician and street theatre performer!  Ever seen a large tree frog hopping around festival streets?

Bringing all these skills together in my celebrant work feels like a culmination of all my training. Now as a celebrant, I adore weddings and life ceremonies. I love creating ritual to enhance celebrations and exploring the layers, finding ways to invite others to enter the story.

Holding the highest possible qualification for celebrants in Australia and also an appointed Justice of the Peace, the legal side of things is covered too.

Let me help to create your amazing ceremony.