Your Wedding Ceremony Structure Demystified

Everyone is an individual, and every couple has individual needs. The type of wedding or commitment ceremony you choose will be a reflection of your wishes, beliefs and values as a couple.  But here we can look at a basic structure of a wedding ceremony. Let’s unveil the magic.

Setting the Stage: The Opening Act

Everyone is gathered, be it an extended family of 100’s or just your two witnesses.

Your wedding ceremony kicks off with a flourish as you make your grand entrance into the ceremony space. With the warm embrace of your family and friends surrounding you, your celebrant sets the tone for this joyous occasion. Some acknowledgements of family, parents or wedding party. Perhaps an acknwowledgement of country.

Cue the music, cue the smiles, and let the magic begin!

Love Stories and Laughter: About You and Marriage

As the spotlight turns to marriage, you and your beloved, your celebrant weaves tales of love, commitment, and happily ever afters. From heartfelt sentiments to lighthearted anecdotes, your unique love story takes center stage. Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again as your journey together unfolds.

From Vows to Rings: The Heart of the Ceremony

Now it’s time for the main event! With the legal formalities out of the way (hello, Monitum!), your celebrant pops the question: “Do you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse?” Cue the affirmative response.  Follow up with your personal, heartfelt vows.  And seal the deal with an exchange of rings symbolising your promises. It’s a moment you’ll cherish forever.

Cheers to Happily Ever After: The Wrap Up

With the hard part done, it’s time to celebrate! Whether you opt for a traditional blessing or a quirky ritual, your celebrant wraps up the ceremony with style. And don’t forget the best part: sealing the deal with a kiss and signing those all-important register certificates. Let the festivities begin!

Cue the Confetti: The Grand Finale

As the cheers echo through the air, it’s time to make your grand exit. With beaming smiles and hearts full of love, you take your first steps as newlyweds. As your celebrant introduces you to the world, a triumphant song sets the perfect soundtrack for this unforgettable moment. Congratulations, you did it!

Petals down the aisle towards a wedding ceremony