Creative writing is essential for this marriage celebrant.  Every wedding ceremony begins with a fresh canvas for me.

I love writing a couple’s love story, finding their specialness, and working alongside them to create an individual marriage ceremony.  You may not know just what you want when we begin.  You will get the tools to identify what is important to you.  From this we weave a story for your wedding day, not just any old ceremony, a captivating tale that engages you and your guests, and makes the ocassion quite unique and yours.

It is not just the perfect wedding dress that makes your day perfect, but a ceremony that is a true reflection of the bride and groom, enjoyable for all the guests and quite memorable. 

And so here is part three of an insight into a creative writing workshop by the marvelous leader Glenda O’Sullivan.  And a little glimpse of my writing, when I get creative.


It was the end of a day’s creative writing workshop led by creative workshop queen, Glenda.  I was delightfully tired.  It had been a day of challenge and stimulation.

Glenda’s provocative style and generous gifts made the day deliciously productive.  The group had written many words.  But the end of the day lent itself to the short and sweet.  She reintroduced me to the art of haiku. Simple. Short. Structured. Yet freeing.  A little like Tango.

I give you two short Haiku, written in the sultry dusk, lazing on the grass.

drumming jazz at night

rain on roof on eyelids closed

night rhythms exposed  


broody clouds drift grey

wafting words guiding pencil

sunset smiles on dusk

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