Small weddings are all the rage

Since Covid 19 changed our world, and many large weddings were postponed, everyone is considering the benefits of small weddings.

What is an elopement?

An elopement is the classic small wedding.  Traditionally an elopement was a wedding for two; a couple ran away from home to the registry office and wed before anyone knew.  Lovers who were forbidden by family to marry, escaped and married in secret. With changing culture and autonomy for a couple to decide for themselves, these days an elopement is even more romantic.   Elopements are more considered and often include a few others. Whilst traditionally an elopement was just two people, a celebrant and some witnesses…. it can be so much more.

Small weddings

Small weddings are so easy to organise.  An elopement wedding is a wedding made for two people, the two who matter most. I have teamed up with amazing photographer Marion Jonkers to create an elopement or small wedding package.  Very affordable beginning at $1500, this package may be all you need to wed in intimate style. Check out the smiles on Shannon and Tim on their wedding day… a small wedding for an intimate family group. Thanks to Marion Jonkers for the photographs. And to The Spotted Chook for the venue.

Small Wedding Package

Would you like a small wedding or elopement package for your nuptials? Consider a simple package of celebrant, photographer (who double’s as a witness) and some beautiful flowers. Simple and easy. Just turn up.


Marion Jonkers is an amazing photographer, who manages to capture all those candid and touching moments.


Flowers by Noo, are an extraordinary addition to your package.  She creates large and fragrant bouquets in your chosen colour palette with a matching buttonhole for the groom.