happily married with gerbera buttonhoke and brides purple dress

Married in purple

This was a cosy and intimate wedding and full of love…. AND the colour purple

Bianca and Christiaan married on the veranda of The Country House B & B homestead looking out from Hunchy, over the glorious flowered garden.  We could see all the way to the coast over the trees.  What a spectacular place is Hunchy tucked away from the world along an old track over the cattle grid and beyond.  The Hunchy secret is discovered by Peter Pans and Mary’s seeking a retreat under the hills of Montville on the Range.  Bianca and Christiaan found a country paradise for their Australian wedding.

They chose not to go with white for their wedding, but got married in purple instead.

newly wed bride in purple rests on his knee

Purple wedding theme

Bianca’s favourite colour was definitely the theme of the day, complemented by bold pink and orange gerberas. And there were flowers everywhere; in lapels of each guest, in her hair, and woven lovingly through the slats of the veranda rails.  She proved how absolutely stunning a bride can look without wearing a white wedding dress.

Christiaan cut a most handsome image as he waited for his bride.  The bold colours suited their young and bold outlook on life, migrating to Australia to make a family life.

Kari celebrant with a newly eloped couple dressed in purple

Prayer in Afrikaans

Originally from South Africa, Bianca and Christiaan wished to include in their ceremony something reflective of marriage back home.  They requested a prayer be read in Afrikaans.

So this celebrant takes herself off to learn how to pronounce Afrikaans!

We were also privileged to watch a video message sent from South Afrika on the computer screen.

newly weds in purple down a country lane

Purple jacaranda blossoms for the wedding

As they walked away from their hinterland wedding ceremony, we noticed the road was strewn with jacaranda blossoms.

It was a perfect purple day!

Photos by Andrea Sproxton

Don’t get married in white! Try other colours instead.  Like this bride who married in a green dress

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