The lovebirds

One of the most memorable weddings I have ever had the privilege to attend was that of “the lovebirds”.  Married at dawn in a stunning and emotional ceremony, Alicia and Jimmy had been nicknamed the lovebirds for quite a while. They asked if I would travel to Byron Bay for a wedding.  “Of course,” I answered. “Would you be prepared to conduct the ceremony at dawn came the next question.”  “OF COURSE!!!” How exciting.  How magnificent. What a privilege it was working for these two, who did everything with such joy and enthusiasm and complete openness to love.

Dawn ceremony

I was the first person on the beach that day.. actually it was still night as I needed to arrive before dawn to be ready.  In darkness I walked on the beach mapping out where we would stand, and where the lapping waves came to… trying to work out exactly which direction the sun would rise in. Luckily we had walked through everything the day before. As a completion of the ceremony, they walked into the gentle sea and sang to each other. Then wrapped their arms around each other and fell into the ocean’s sweet bliss.  A baptism of new beginnings from a love long held true. Words cannot come close to describing the joy of this ceremony, the laughter, the wrap around love from close family. But this video prepared by Jimmy may help to explain:

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere  –  they’re in each other all along,


This is what they said…..

Please show others how magical you are and how magnificent love can be!!!

We are both truly blessed to have lived that day and to remember what a wonderful gift you gave us, 

……being the beautiful celebrant that you are allowing us to freely show our true wholesome love, completely being in the moment and just rolling with it….Utterly remarkable 

Love, love love ❤️ 

The Love Birds x x x