More and more people have the words Eco Funerals and Eco Burials on their lips.  We have heard of eco cemeteries in England. We have heard of the Natural Death Centre in Byron Bay who champion eco funerals.  And we ask are green funeral solutions available on the Sunshine Coast?  The short answer is yes green funerals are available, eco options are around and natural burials will soon be an option.

Engaging your eco values in a funeral for your loved ones is a continuation of life values.

It begins with a holistic approach to the end of life, and continues into the way we say farewell.  Many options are available to families, to make rituals for the end of life more deeply personal and down to earth, and …. green.

Imagine wrapping your dear one in an eco shroud, or an eco coffin.  Imagine using a family car or horse and cart for transport.  Imagine farewelling your loved one in your own garden, on a beach, in the forest.

Imagine a burial ground near forest, that is allowed to return to nature once the graves are buried.  Imagine visiting the site of your dear one, in a leafy forest, and sitting on real ground amongst bird song and breeze.  A place full of natural life and vigour.

What is possible?

When someone dies, it’s natural to be unsure whether you feel shocked, sad, angry, depressed, relieved, guilty, fearful, or all of these at once.  Coping with these feelings while preparing a farewell can be challenging, especially when you think there is a way it all “has to be done”.  You can do things differently. Do things your family way and truly reflect the life you are commemorating.  Sometimes doing something different and taking charge can help.  Sometimes being able to act according to your or their values helps.
Conventional funeral practices work well for many people but may not provide the scope to be as deeply and personally involved as you may need to be. Fortunately, there are other options available with end of life care.  Most people simply aren’t aware that ceremonies, budgets, caring for the dead or even ways of transportation and burial are not set in stone.

Then when it comes to planning a ritual of farewell, you can be involved at every step of the way. AND you can engage your values.

a celebrant for natural funerals and green funerals

A Green Funeral?

Did you know that:

  • A dying wish can be a chance to leave the legacy of a cleaner environment.
  • Green funerals actually do exist.
  • There are a range of eco options for caskets and coffins
  • In Australia we all have the right to be buried in a shroud, a cardboard coffin, a simple wood box or a kaftan if that’s what we want.
  • You can take charge of many of the aspects of a funeral, and not have to pay a business to do everything for you.
  • How do I find out more about Eco Funeral options?

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