If you want a celebrant who caters to your multicultural or multi-belief needs, Kari is the woman for the job! I found her after worrying for days about who could officiate a wedding between myself and my then-partner. I am a believer (mostly performing Hindu-Buddhist traditions) while my then-partner-now-husband is an ecologically-minded atheist. Because I want the ceremony to be sacred as well as intimate, I was looking around for a person who could cater to this need.

What I also love about Kari, in addition to her kind and gentle nature, is that she helped us – my husband and me – exploring our relationship. Kari sent us a quiz with the intention to know who we are, but the quiz also helped me and my husband remembering why we fell in love in the first place, why we wanted to get married, etc. I still keep the quiz results that Kari sent us; I plan to incorporate it into our wedding album (which is still to come due to my busy schedule; but it will come!).

Kari and I also met almost a year in advance.  She picked me up at the train station and took me around the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden. Kari also searched and searched for some rose petals for my prayers during the ceremony (and she found some, miraculously, despite last April being rather off-season for roses). That’s one more thing about Kari: she’s so willing to help wedding couples finding the best for them.

For the garden ceremony, Kari helped us typing up my prayers and printing them on multiple cards so that our guests could understand what I was saying (because I chanted some Vedic prayers). She also helped me setting up my altar (I was just on time reaching the ceremony place that day because of heavy rain). She comforted us – particularly me, the worried bride! – about the weather (it rained cats and dogs practically everywhere except the Garden (except for a few minutes of a short shower; I eventually saw the rain as a blessing, though).

She also gave a lovely prologue and epilogue speeches to the wedding ceremony. We are, I am, very thankful for her help. The wedding ceremony was very beautiful, I felt The Sacred enveloping the ceremonial space, and I felt truly blessed that day (and always). And Kari, you were a big part of that blessing. So, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts