Kari was the first celebrant we met with, as soon as we finished our meeting we knew we didn’t need to look any further. Kari is very friendly and positive.  She seemed to truly care about us and our wedding as well as being more helpful than we would have expected.

She helped out with many details for us, referrals for music, flowers as well as all the difficult things to decide on directly related to the ceremony. Then as the days got closer Kari made an effort to stay in contact and make sure everything was going well and coming together for us.

We had a rehearsal the day before the wedding with Kari and the thing I noticed was how she would help out with different decisions without taking too much control, she merely guided us where we were unsure and allowed us to make the decisions. She truly put us at ease at the rehearsal which was great because if she hadn’t I can’t imagine how nervous we would have been.

At the ceremony Kari’s enthusiasm shone through with her huge smile, which greeted all our guests warmly.  This was commented upon by many of our guests how comfortable they felt in her presence.  Her demeanour helped to create a mood for a very relaxed and magical day.  I highly recommend Kari to anyone as a celebrant.  Thank you Kari