Three Marriage Certificates

On your wedding day you will sign three certificates with your two witnesses and your celebrant.

First Marriage Certificate

The first one is yours to keep.
This is the most appealing one to look at.
Lucky you get to keep it.

Second marriage Certificate

The second stays in the Celebrant’s Wedding Register. 

Third Marriage Certificate

And the third certificate (the duplicate) is sent to the Births Deaths and Marriages office in the state in which you are married.

In this way your marriage is officially registered.

Registered Marriage Certificate

If you wish to receive a registered copy of your marriage certificate, then a separate application can be made to the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages at any time.

I can make this easier for you, if we make a simple plan before your wedding.
Ask me to show you a way during the registration proces; an extra free service I offer to you.

BDM QLD regisitered certificate of marriage

Commemorative Certificates

If you do choose to order one of the official registered certificates, Queensland Births, deaths and Marriages gives you the option of a commemorative certificate as well, for an extra fee!

Here are the commemorative samples:

Queensland commemorative marriage certificate - cove design




Queensland commemorative marriage certificate - double happiness design