He sang her a song

He sang her a song

He sang her a song…

But first let’s look back at how it began.

Congratulations Royanna and Tyler married at Tiffany’s Maleny looking out over the Glasshouse Mountains. And he sang her a song.

Wedding date

They chose an auspicious date, the 11th of the 11th of 2011.  Tyler had first proclaimed his love on 8th of 8th  2008, so recurring numbers were a theme.  However recurring love was the theme of their 50’s style wedding day.

He sang her a song on their wedding day 16

Falling in Love

She described falling in love with him as experiencing two people dancing to a beat that nobody else could hear.

So much love and thought was poured into their wedding day; from the first moment the guests received a save-the-date with pics taken in a field of the couple-to-be peeping from behind a parasole, until the games on the grass and the dress-up-photo-booth at the reception.

Wedding music

Coastal Jazz warmed the air with relaxed Jazz tunes, fan tailed doves wandered around the sandstone courtyard, the sun shone brightly.  It was a perfect day.

The bride arrived in a baby blue 1950’s Plymouth, called Alma May.  Ooooh ain’t she sweet.

He sang her a song on their wedding day 1

He sang her a song

However there was one item, Royanna did not know about until the middle of the marriage ceremony.  Tyler turned to his bride and apologised because he had recently spent money on …wait for it… a ukelele.  He proceeded to sing to her, their special song….and brought the house down.  It’s hard for a celebrant to keep a dry eye occasionally!

Photos by Karen Buckle

Kari,  We cannot thank you enough for marrying us, and not just for marrying us but for taking our every phone call and meeting with us and always making us feel as though we were your only clients. You continued to make us feel as though we were incredibly important to you. Your attentiveness to us helped us feel secure that all the personal touches that we wanted throughout the ceremony would be honoured.

It is clear that you love what you do and that shined through on our wedding day. The whole bridal party loved you and we received so much positive feedback from the guests about you also. I have heard many people say that they spoke to their celebrant once over the phone before their wedding or simply communicated over email. With you, we felt as though our friend was marrying us by the time our Wedding Day arrived because you provided us with so much personal attention. I will be recommending you to anyone I meet that tells me they are getting married.

Lastly, you were so kind to us Kari and we will always remember you. Thank you for absolutely everything. You are a godsend!!

Royanna & Tyler

Married with earth, air, fire & water

Married with earth, air, fire & water

Earth, Air, Fire, Water 

~ married with the elements ~ 

Congratulations Lea and Rob married at House of Laurel’s in Maleny.  Theirs was a wedding with a difference, held in between a passionate storm of the night before, and one brewing on the day.  This was a ceremony full of fun, laughter and very meaningful words and ritual.

A gondola in Venice

Rob proposed to Lea in a gondola in Venice.  He was worried the ring might slip into the drink, but he got it onto her finger from bended knee on the water.  Such is the style of this couple.  Lea is a writer, Rob an informal comedian, so theirs always promised to be a captivating and interesting ceremony.  Lea and Rob involved many of their friends in their ceremony, which also joined five brothers into a family.  For marriage is also a family affair.

Weaving the four elements

The intriguing aspect to this unusual wedding ceremony was the clever weaving of the 4 elements into their ceremony.  


A tree with message tags from the guests, was gifted from their friends, to be planted in the earth of their garden one day.  


A candle was ignited for the passion of  fire, and was hilariously referenced later in the evening when a guest’s dress lit up as she leaned over the candle.  (She is fine).


Janette completed the ceremony with her choice of reading, and amused us all when she launched into, “The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat….”


And we all blessed their union with the gift of air, as guests blew bubbles and followed the pied piper to the end of the garden.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Red Mustang yet…… another post one day.

Photos by Brian Rogers.