Together at last – wedding organised by email

Together at last – wedding organised by email

Together at last

Congratulations Linda & Rob, married at last at House of Laurels in Maleny, after months working overseas.  It was so exciting when we finally met in person just before the wedding.  The entire ceremony had been organised over the internet.  Via censored army email and registered post, and via a combined willingness to embrace the online medium and go with it.  We found common evenings when we could chat via email. Zapping emails back and forth, we nutted out the ceremony and all the logistics.  Voila!

Organised via email

Linda first contacted me via email …  from ..wait for it… Afghanistan, where Rob and herself were deployed at the time.  “Could we organise the wedding over the net?” she asked, as she and Rob would not get back to Australia until just before the wedding.  Of course, it is all possible.

Linda and I shared many an email conversation.  Despite the time differences we seemed to be on our computers at the same moment, and organised everything via the typed word.  Worked a treat.  They may have been deployed in the same country but it was rare they were in the same base, and due to army censorship and safety protocols, they did not even know where each other was at any moment.  It was a risky time.  They just crossed their fingers they would both make it back to Australia safely.

And they did!

A Joyous wedding

Their wedding was joyous yet meaningful.  A true celebration of their loving union.  No one knew we had never met until the days before the wedding.  Most thought e had been pals for ages.  Well we had indeed been wedding pen pals.

He loves her smile; she has taught him how to open up and share his thoughts.  She loves his patience, his sense of humour.  He knows how to make her laugh.  Yet she says he has taught her how to love and how to be loved.  They know how to laugh. And when asked what is their favourite colour, they both replied without hesitation – black!  But Linda wore white for the day, and a huge smile! 

They said

“From the very first email, Kari was helpful, warm and kind. We knew instantly from her response that she would be the one. We were struggling with writing our own vows but Kari gave us the tools to find our own words. She was with us every step of the way and went above and beyond in arranging our ceremony. We planned 90% of it from a computer in Afghanistan! How impressive is that!

The ceremony was better than we could have hoped for. Kari’s delivery was perfect. She helped create a relaxed and loving atmosphere. All my guests had commented that they had never been to such a loving ceremony and I know Kari had a lot to do with that.

We highly recommend Kari for anyone who is looking for a dedicated, professional, warm and kind celebrant who takes all stress away!!! She is a master at her craft,”
Linda & Rob

Wedding Photos

Thanks for photos by Calli B Photography

Married with earth, air, fire & water

Married with earth, air, fire & water

Earth, Air, Fire, Water 

~ married with the elements ~ 

Congratulations Lea and Rob married at House of Laurel’s in Maleny.  Theirs was a wedding with a difference, held in between a passionate storm of the night before, and one brewing on the day.  This was a ceremony full of fun, laughter and very meaningful words and ritual.

A gondola in Venice

Rob proposed to Lea in a gondola in Venice.  He was worried the ring might slip into the drink, but he got it onto her finger from bended knee on the water.  Such is the style of this couple.  Lea is a writer, Rob an informal comedian, so theirs always promised to be a captivating and interesting ceremony.  Lea and Rob involved many of their friends in their ceremony, which also joined five brothers into a family.  For marriage is also a family affair.

Weaving the four elements

The intriguing aspect to this unusual wedding ceremony was the clever weaving of the 4 elements into their ceremony.  


A tree with message tags from the guests, was gifted from their friends, to be planted in the earth of their garden one day.  


A candle was ignited for the passion of  fire, and was hilariously referenced later in the evening when a guest’s dress lit up as she leaned over the candle.  (She is fine).


Janette completed the ceremony with her choice of reading, and amused us all when she launched into, “The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat….”


And we all blessed their union with the gift of air, as guests blew bubbles and followed the pied piper to the end of the garden.

And I haven’t even mentioned the Red Mustang yet…… another post one day.

Photos by Brian Rogers.