Let me celebrate by sharing a joke with you

wedding celebration in a fire heart

Let’s celebrate

I’d love to celebrate your marriage with you.

Today my local paper, Sunshine Valley News, printed a joke, reminding me that in my profession as a marriage celebrant, one is very careful to introduce oneself with care.

A young monk arrived at a monastery eager to begin his life’s work.  He was assigned the task of copying by hand the old canons and laws of the church.  He noticed that the older monks were copying from copies, not an original manuscript.

Thoughtfully, he approached the head abbot and pointed out that if someone had even made a small error in the original copy then that error would continue in all of the subsequent copies. The head monk says that they had been doing this for centuries, “These manuscripts are very precious, we must care for them, but you make a good point, my son”.

So, the head monk goes down to the dark caves beneath the monastery, where the original scripts are held as archives in a locked vault, unopened for hundreds of years.  Hours go by, and no-one has seen the old abbot.  

The young monk gets worried and goes to look for him.  Finding him banging his head against the wall and wailing, the young monk is quite distressed.  “We missed the ‘r’! We missed the ‘r’!  We missed the ‘r’! ”  

His forehead is bloody and bruised; he is crying uncontrollably.  

“What’s wrong, asks the young monk.  With a choking voice, the old man replies, “The word is ‘celebrate!‘”

celebrate your wedding with fire

How do you want to celebrate your special day?

I would love to hear your ideas, stories and visions and help weave it into your perfect fit wedding ceremony.

Contact me to chat about options.  I’d love to be your celebrant and “celebrate” with you.

Photos by Marion Jonkers Photography

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