~ with Sunshine Coast Hinterland wedding celebrant, Kari ~

Spring warmth fills the air, and purple fills my eyes.  Everywhere I go the jacaranda blossoms are falling, creating carpets on the road, the footpaths, the lawns.  It makes one smile just to move around. What is it about that colour, the colour jacaranda?  It’s not purple really, not mauve, not lavendar…it’s jacaranda!

And who could resist including this jacaranda colour for styling a wedding day?  Many don’t resist of course.

  • Walk into Spicer’s Clovelly Estate, and you are greeted by the flowers falling on the green grass.

  •  Take a visit to another wedding venue, Coolabine Ridge, or House of Laurel’s and feast on the flowers and the freedom there.

  • Sunday drive around Palmwoods, and all the roads have patches of jacaranda carpet.
  • But out of season, simply include the colour in your wedding dress, your bridal bouquet, your groom’s shirt.

  • Or hire a local photographer who can make art from your day like Luke Going

It’s all possible!

Designing your wedding around a colour is fun.  And jacaranda is splendiforous.

Many weddings this year have included this gorgeous colour in one way or another.

Choose a wedding date for spring when the jacarandas are in bloom and go for it with relish.

Images by Kari, Luke Going, Marion Jonkers and others