Rebecca and Justin didn’t actively look for a celebrant.

coolabine ridge weddings photos aa photography-1They said they picked up a flyer one day and intuitively knew Kari was the right celebrant for them.  They were looking for a  non-traditional, creative, free-thinking, down to earth, grounded but a lively person for their wedding at Coolabine Ridge Estate.

IMG_2076This place is magnificent, looking down towards the Kenilworth plateau and the Connondale Mountain Range beyond.  And for a wedding it is the perfect outdoor setting.  In fact it has many settings.  Bec and Justin chose the secluded view peeping through the forest, the outdoor glade, with the trees all around.

Guests gathered near the spectacular view at this ridge top retreat.  However there was no sight of either bride or groom!

 They asked me……vintage sweets bike

….but I didn’t let on.

Instead, I encouraged everyone to have a guess.  There were suggestions of a vintage car or horse drawn cart…..perhaps a vintage bicycle.

No-one guessed they would arrive by helicopter, especially given the tree cover.  An expert pilot, manouevred his giant chopper in through a gap in the trees and settled on the grass.

And the harp started to play…. Kim Kirkman strummed his strings and the ceremony began.

Here’s a sneek peek at the day, with thanks to Yellow Bull Media

Coolabine Ridge Estate seemed perfect for Bec and Justin, with the relaxed outdoors feel, the incredible bushland surrounding them, and the availability of cabins for guests to stay, a pavillion for a reception dance floor, and plenty of grassy areas for marquees and partying.

We celebrated a unique love story that day.  Justin told their story.

When some people meet there are instant sparks, but for Rebecca and Justin, it took 5 years of friendship before the romance was set ablaze.

It begs the question, Is it fate that brings two people together?  Do their stars align in such a way that Universal Forces draw one person to another, like a magnet?

Well, one thing is for sure, nothing was going to stop Rebecca and Justin from forming a union, as one. Not even they could stop it!!!

You see, Rebecca and Justin were friends for years before something clicked and the romance began.  They met in a meditation class in 2002. A group of friends from the class would regularly meet for brunch and a friendship between the two grew from this.

As fate would have it, sometimes the brunches would end up just being the two of them together, as friends.  They found they had much in common and their bond grew strong and heartfelt. It was a close connection that resembled being with your life partner, except….not.  Everyone else could see the writing on the wall but them.

Then one night the winds of fate took over. Destiny was knocking at the door, acting very impatiently “if these two can’t wake up and see they are meant to be together, then we will have to wake them up and knock some sense into them!!

Justin took a brave plunge, bringing us eventually to this happy wedding day.

Thanks to AA Photography for these following images. Click to view the slideshow:

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….and these snaps I took myself, because the reception area looked so inviting

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