Kari ~ Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant

“We honestly can’t thank you enough for creating such a memorable ceremony for us….” 

Celebrant for….

  • a memorable, unforgettable, heartfelt wedding ceremony.
  • a relaxed and super friendly, yet professional approach.
  • a unique occasion or wedding in Maleny, Montville or wider Sunshine Coast Hinterland and coastal beach areas.

For your inspired ceremony, sparkling wedding,
with meaningful words, delightful rituals, fun & laughter – for you.  Ask me how.

“…Everyone was raving about how beautiful and heartfelt the ceremony was, and that’s all thanks to you…”

Your wedding: it’s all about you

Together, we will craft the occasion you wished for. It will be fun for you and everyone, a bit different, or a tad creative. You can include cultural traditions in your wedding ceremony or make new ones. Divulge your plans to me, your wishes, your dreams, and I’ll share ideas I come up with to match. I realise how important this day is for you, so let’s meet to talk about your plans. Anything’s possible, just ask!

“…Your beautiful personality is so warming and calming which made us feel so at ease….” 

But don’t just take my word for it, read the reviews to find out what I can do for you. Get in Touch with me.

“…We are very lucky to have found you.” Mel and Scott

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    Tell me

    Your wedding is about you two. Tell me your wishes, ideas, dreams. Together we’ll craft the sparkling occasion you wish for. Starting with a fresh canvas every time, your marriage ceremony is written to suit you. Your story and your ideas are woven into a memorable wedding ceremony; captivating and engaging for you and your guests. You get to relax and enjoy your wedding ceremony; no nerves, just fun and sparkle.


    You will get ideas on how to include special people, prose, rituals, culture, interests and meaningful tributes. And as much of my time as it takes to create your ceremony


    With years living abroad in other cultures, several 100’s of weddings and other events, and extensive experience as a performer, an MC, a creative event organiser, a writer, and an artist, I understand how to turn your visions into reality.


    If you’re not yet sure about what you want on your wedding day, I help you with the process of identifying what’s important to you, to create a marriage ceremony that expresses it meaningfully. You can be a bit different, a tad creative.

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