You did such a wonderful service for Helen yesterday, thank you.

Your warmth, energy, generosity, and sincerity were really appreciated – I cannot find the words to fully express the amazing job you did in helping us to pull together and deliver a service that was so reflective of Helen.

You were brilliant.

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Funeral service at Gregson and Weight Buderim with natural wicker casket and natural bush backdrop
Geoff Rowe

I just wanted to say an oceanic thank you for skilfully creating a cohesive Service that Steve  would have truly loved…he really would have loved the fact that you wore your red leather jacket in honour of him.  That would have touched his heart for sure. I wanted to say also that the quote you offered of Rumi’s was a beautifully poetic, succinct and incredibly accurate way to portray his challenges and his beautifully divine spirit. I’ll quote Tina Turner,  “you’re simply the best at what you do”, and we were very fortunate to have found you, Kari.

Steve’s sister

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Funeral celebrant Sunshine Coast
Funeral for Steve

Kari is clearly “top of the class for sensitive, caring, quality service delivery” at a very challenging time when you truly need it.

Right from the outset when our small group of family and friends met Kari and sat down with her at the Memorial Service venue we’d selected, there was a lovely rapport and strong sense of relief.  We all, practically instantaneously, knew we had discovered the pearl we had been looking for in the rough sea we found ourselves now navigating. 

Dealing with the loss of a loved one tragically and unexpectedly is challenge enough.  Little did we know that finding a Celebrant to achieve our desired goal now of a fitting Memorial Service to remember and celebrate that life, could also prove so challenging. Now here was Kari, such a gentle caring supportive soul who was clearly broadly experienced and well skilled to guide and handle proceedings despite the complex circumstances we presented – half the family overseas, close family and friends interstate plus the uncertainties of COVID restrictions. No request was too much to ask of her and always calmly and confidently accommodated.

Now months after our tragic loss and some weeks after the Memorial Service, I am still receiving calls saying how much people had enjoyed it, plus  congratulating the Celebrant on a truly excellent job. In fact, a few seemingly inevitable technological glitches experienced during the Service, were barely noticed by participants, eg  Karis’ ad-libbing when the AV programming didn’t quite sync on screens, plus her leading when a favourite song didn’t proceed in time.  Kari really delivered a truly commendable, superb Service for us.  I strongly and confidently commend Kari to you.  

Woodfordia prayer hands
Eileen ( a memorial)

Kari designed and delivered a beautiful memorial service for my late brother. She took time, at our pace, to get to know us before the event, and responded to our (largely unspoken) needs with compassion and the firm clarity so necessary at a time of grief and ‘overwhelm’. With great good humour and humility, Kari provided us with suggestions and a confident guiding hand and heart. We thoroughly recommend her. Michael Doneman
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Farewell Royce

Kari, I just wanted to thank you for being just wonderful at our girl’s celebration of life. We really appreciated the way you handled the whole event and the way her young daughter responded to you and helped make it special.

I realise it could be very difficult doing a service like that (for a suicide) but you handled it so well with love and compassion.. So many people commented on how well you did and how fitting it was.


Woodfordia prayer hands
Our girl’s farewell

“Thank you for assisting us with Dad’s ceremony. You did a lovely job. We are so grateful to you for your help with this day. We could not have done it without you. All your extra care was appreciated, and the suggestions made it so much more accessible for our famiy and friends. Thanks Kari”


“Kari, we are so grateful for you. There were so many lovely comments about you, how you incorporated the information as it came, and how you included her daughter. We cannot thank you enough for your depth of understanding, support, love and ability to craft the service so beautifully.”