Creating creative ceremony

Marriage Ceremony

“Whether you want a creative and contemporary approach, traditional or cultural, I specialise in helping couples create deeply personalised ceremonies. This can include aspects of your culture, personality, interests, and meaningful tributes. I begin with a fresh canvas each time.”

Experience in entertainment and events

With years of living abroad in other cultures, and extensive experience in the festival and event creation industries, I understand how to turn your visions into reality, and have a wealth of creative and cultural ideas to draw from.

Creative ideas

If you’re not yet sure about what you want, I can help you with the processes of identifying what’s important to you, and creating a ceremony that expresses it in a meaningful way. I can help you add your personal touch, and give you ideas on how to include special people in different ways. Include your culture, your language. I speak several languages and am happy to incorporate other languages of choice or multicultural rituals. I am also an accomplished musician and can offer musical aspects to your ceremony.

Kari - celebrant creating ceremonies on teh Sunshine Coast in Queensland