Naming ceremony or baby naming on the Sunshine Coast hinterland

Baby Naming Ceremony

welcoming a new child or baby to a family,

The birth of a child is always special.  A naming ceremony unites a family in celebration of new life, a new name.

Many cultures celebrate the event with special ceremonies.  But one can also design a special celebration for a new life.

You benefit from Kari’s wealth of experience in designing personal rituals and events.

Kari lived for long periods in Indonesia, Greece and other European countries, witnessing many life celebrations. She draws on this knowledge to create new ceremony. You can include family, friends, relations, and your own traditional cultural rituals in any way you choose.

Naming ceremony location

On the Sunshine Coast we are blessed with many exquisite outdoor locations, the beach, the parks, the forest, the waterfalls, our own back gardens or properties. Outdoor ceremonies are fun for kids.

There are also many gorgeous community halls and venues available for parties.

Welcome new life with family, community, neighbours, games, ritual or fun. Or celebrate an older child’s milestones.

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