& Farewells

A life is worth celebrating.
And a funeral is just one of the ways we say farewell to someone we love.

Preparing the ritual of farewell may seem like a daunting task. As an experienced funeral celebrant, I am here to help guide you in finding the most fitting way to create a funeral or farewell ceremony, in a way that resonates with you.

Ritual or ceremony help us all to know, honour and let go of someone dear. And there is absolutely no such thing as one size fits all. There are many ways to create the occasion that truly reflects and honours who the departed was, and who you are now. Let’s work with the elements that you feel fit.

Funeral celebrant

Offering a nurturing and gentle experience, I have been helping families on the Sunshine Coast and beyond to find a fulfilling way to say farewell for many years.

It began when I had to step up to farewell a dear friend. After that I knew I could help families anywhere to prepare and fulfil a fitting farewell.

From helping you to say just what you want to say or hear said, to creating special ritual moments that don’t even need words, we can work together to create the right ceremony for you and your departed loved one. For a very affordable, all inclusive fee I would love to support you in getting things organised.

Funeral ceremony

Be it a farewell, a funeral or a memorial, I can help take the stress out of planning the occasion; coordinating readers and speakers, helping with creating the order of the day, and assisting with eulogies.

When you are planning to farewell someone you love, you want someone who can nurture and support you along the way.

Kari’s funeral service includes:

  • Consultation with families, friends, community and others
  • Writing a fitting service and supplying an order of service
  • Coordination of the family’s wishes, rituals and speakers
  • Cues for music and slide shows
  • Assistance with reading selection
  • Assistance with writing of a eulogy
  • Advice on what to include
  • Liaison with funeral directors and other services
  • Green funerals, eco funerals, sustainable solutions

Eco funerals

More and more people are curious about sustainable options when it comes to funerals. Ideas such as Eco Funerals and Eco Burials. With the rise of eco cemeteries in Australia, and the establishment of a Natural Death Centre in Byron Bay, people are keen to know if these options are available for Sunshine Coast funerals. The short answer is mostly yes.  Things are changing and new ways are becoming available all the time

Eco Funerals, Green Funerals and Natural Burials are now an option on the Sunshine Coast.

Enquire with me to find out what range of options might be available today for your funeral service needs.

Affordable Options

Are you seeking affordable options?  How about an alternative to booking a funeral celebrant.  If you would prefer to run things yourself, then I offer an assistance service charged by the hour.  Imagine meeting with me and having a chat around the kitchen table with family, in which we decide on the elements, and delegate the tasks to family.  My assistance helps guide you towards running the service yourselves.  I may not even have to turn up to the farewell if you have enouh support to run things yourselves.

What they had to say…

white leaf decoration
“Kari, you did such a wonderful service yesterday, thank you. Your warmth, energy, generosity, and sincerity were really appreciated – I cannot find the words to fully express the amazing job you did in helping us to pull together and deliver a service that was so reflective of our Helen. You were brilliant.”
– Geoff
white leaf decoration
“Kari, I just wanted to thank you for being just wonderful at our girl’s celebration of life. We really appreciated the way you handled the whole event and the way her orphaned young daughter responded to you and helped make it special.
I realise it could be very difficult doing a service for a suicide but you handled it so well with love and compassion.. So many people commented on how fitting it was.”
– Judy
white leaf decoration
“I just wanted to say an oceanic thank you for skilfully creating a cohesive service for Steve…he really would have loved the fact that you wore your red leather jacket in honour of him. I wanted to say also that the quote you offered of Rumi’s was a beautifully poetic, succinct and incredibly accurate way to portray his challenges and his beautifully divine spirit. I’ll quote Tina Turner, “you’re simply the best at what you do”, and we were very fortunate to have found you, Kari.”
– Steve’s sister