Commitment Ceremony

… is a ceremony to make a commitment or renew your vows, with all the rites and ritual, but no paperwork.

Just as a wedding is a commitment, you can have an occasion with all the ritual, ceremony and trimmings and no official paperwork.

You will still receive a customised and elegant certificate from me, commemorating your promise and your day.

Couples who don’t want the formality or legals of an official marriage can have all the trimmings of a wedding in a commitment ceremony. You get all the meaning and ritual, the vows and promises, readings, music, kisses and love…. but no paperwork.
AND you still get a gift certificate on the day.

Consider a commitment ceremony or a renewal of vows by Hinterland celebrant Kari on the Sunshine Coast
Renew your vows with Hinterland celebrant Kari - for poignant ceremonies, and commitments

Renewal of Vows

Married and still very in love?  Renewing your vows is a special way to celebrate your mature relationship.

Remarry your partner in a ceremony to suit how you are today.