Flaxton Gardens wedding

Flaxton Gardens wedding

A Flaxton Gardens Wedding

This is the story of a fun wedding at Flaxton Gardens, dedicated wedding and events venue on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Gosh I loved the spirit of this couple.  We laughed.  They danced. We high fived. Bec and Mitch had the most fun they could at their wedding.  So, congratulations to Bec and Mitch on their stunning Flaxton Gardens Wedding.  It was a picture perfect day with celebrant – Kari.

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

How did their wedding begin?

Of course it began a long time ago.  These two were set up by a friend who, after spending weeks trying to convince Bec to meet him, decided the only way it was going to happen was by tricking her into it. Mitch on the other hand took no convincing, as he knew she was blond and that was all he needed to know!

After spending just one evening together, where they both brought out their competitive sides; playing pool and discussing the merits of the “bunny suicides”, they were both smitten.

I loved working with these two.  They simply have fun together… all of the time. Best friends and companions in many, many ways.  Mitch says, “Iggy has been my whole world for over 7 years.”  Bec adores that they have the same sense of humour, and make each other laugh so much.

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

A large wedding in the garden

Flaxton Gardens is a stunning venue for a large gathering in beautiful gardens with the most amazing view of the Sunshine Coastline.  And now that restrictions have lifted, large weddings are on again. Hoorah!

Fun ceremony

When planning their ceremony we decided that it was about fun. A bit of jiving down the aisle, a few high Fives, lots of laughs and not too serious.  But loads of love and friendship.  And who says only the bride gets to walk down the aisle?

Modern day couples are all about equality in their relationships, so why not reflect that in a marriage ceremony too.  We discussed how we could even things up and make the ceremony all about two people, and fun of course.  Mitch chose a theme song for the boys, so Mitch and his three groomsmen, Gab, Liam and Dylan had their moment in the limelight before the girls arrived.  We admired the view while Bec arrived in the car, and readied herself for the big arrival.

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Arrival of the Bride

Before we glimpsed Bec coming out from the magnificent winery building doors, the girls had their moments before Kasia and Tiana walked down the aisle.  Then she arrived on the arms of Dad.  It was hard to stop the tears of joy.

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Wedding Ceremony

And so the ceremony began…. all tears and smiles mixed in together.  So natural, so authentic, so much fun.

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrant Flaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrant

And then they were wed

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrant

Flaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrantFlaxton gardens wedding celebrantThanks to Luke for capturing the wedding fun with his awesome photographs.

Photo Credit @lukemiddlemissphotography




Small weddings or elopement

Small weddings or elopement

Small weddings are all the rage

Since Covid 19 changed our world, and many large weddings were postponed, everyone is considering the benefits of small weddings.

What is an elopement?

An elopement is the classic small wedding.  Traditionally an elopement was a wedding for two; a couple ran away from home to the registry office and wed before anyone knew.  Lovers who were forbidden by family to marry, escaped and married in secret. With changing culture and autonomy for a couple to decide for themselves, these days an elopement is even more romantic.   Elopements are more considered and often include a few others. Whilst traditionally an elopement was just two people, a celebrant and some witnesses…. it can be so much more.

Small weddings

Small weddings are so easy to organise.  An elopement wedding is a wedding made for two people, the two who matter most. I have teamed up with amazing photographer Marion Jonkers to create an elopement or small wedding package.  Very affordable beginning at $1500, this package may be all you need to wed in intimate style. Check out the smiles on Shannon and Tim on their wedding day… a small wedding for an intimate family group. Thanks to Marion Jonkers for the photographs. And to The Spotted Chook for the venue.

Small Wedding Package

Would you like a small wedding or elopement package for your nuptials? Consider a simple package of celebrant, photographer (who double’s as a witness) and some beautiful flowers. Simple and easy. Just turn up.


Marion Jonkers is an amazing photographer, who manages to capture all those candid and touching moments.


Flowers by Noo, are an extraordinary addition to your package.  She creates large and fragrant bouquets in your chosen colour palette with a matching buttonhole for the groom.
Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens for an elegant picnic wedding …

Congratulations Gabby and Damon, and little Dominic.

Gabby is like a niece to me.  So when she asked me to assist with her Sunshine Coast wedding I was over the moon.

Not sure what you want for a garden wedding?

Gabby wasn’t quite sure what they wanted for a wedding, so we jumped in the car and went for a drive.

She wished for an outdoor wedding, a beautiful place with stunning gardens, a parkland for a wedding picnic, and a simply gorgeous place for a marriage ceremony.  So I suggested a Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding, a perfect place in which to marry.

A Love Story

Gabby and Damon first met at a blind date set up by friends.  As soon as they saw each other, there was an instant attraction.  Something clicked.  She took his hand, to lead him to the buffet.  It was a gesture he will always remember; a gesture of kindness and caring, a sign of her friendliness.

A child

Little Dominic, their sweet young son, just loved the gardens.  He ran and jumped and played.  Seemed like he had chosen this place.  The Maroochy Botanic Gardens certainly suited a child’s imagination and he felt free to play.  This wedding was to include several children, so the botanic gardens were perfect; a kids’ paradise and a bush haven with manicured garden beds as well.

A beautiful bride

With her stunning Chilean looks and long dark locks, Gabby made a stunning bride.  She was so proud to walk on her Dad’s arm to the ceremony along the gardens path.

A Wedding

They were married under the arch in the sculpture gardens, decorated with white tulle and ribbon for the day, against a backdrop of the infinity sculpture carved from marble. We designed an elegant wedding picnic, with picnic baskets full of nibbles and drinks, and blankets on the grass.

Read about other Botanic Gardens weddings here.

Photographs of Gabby’s Botanic Gardens wedding are by Poison Apple Studios

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Maroochy Botanic Gardens wedding

Woodford Festival celebrant

Woodford Festival celebrant

Woodford Festival wedding celebrant

Considering getting married at the Woodford Folk Festival? Many couples do.  They all need a wedding celebrant.

Imagine having an extraordinary, and I mean….Extra Ordinary, array of options for wedding ceremony location, restaurant reception options AND even entertainment options for your celebration afterwards.

The festival is a place of ritual and celebration.  It is the energetic home of these things.  A more unique place to marry, exists not on this earth!

A Marriage Celebrant at the Woodford Folk Festival

get married at Woodford copyEvery wedding needs a marriage celebrant. Kari has years of experience, both in weddings AND at the festival.  Having conducted numerous weddings at Woodfordia, both at festival time and otherwise, she knows the Woodfordia site like a second home.
Whats more …… Kari will be at the festival.  No need to pay for entry or travel or even accommodation.
However you will need to lodge paperwork with your celebrant at least one month prior to your wedding date.
Contact Kari for more information.

Woodfordia – A place to marry

There are many pathways to your wedding. Spiritual pathways, emotional journeys, long roads, short stays…..

There are many places to marry. Festival streets, hilltop grassy glades, shady trees, cosy corners, outrageous outdoors.

A heart gateway to the sacred labyrinth at WoodfordiaThe Sacred Labyrinth

The Sacred Labyrinth is a magical space where anyone can walk a path to the heart and connect more deeply with themselves.  It can also be a place for your own wedding.

The Labyrinth is especially designed for couples to celebrate their connection through a marriage ceremony, a hand fasting or a special ritual of honouring.  There are also other ceremonies that take place in the Labyrinth. In any of these rituals the woman enters on the left and the man on the right. The couple meets at the top after making their solo journey and setting whatever intention is appropriate. They can then walk together into the centre for the ceremony.  Ceremony engages some moments in deep connection or exchange.  At the completion of the rituals they leave through the archways together and out into the world to celebrate with friends and family.

Woodfordia sacred Labyrinth for weddings

Woodford Festival Installations

Installations of art and lighting abound in the festival streets, creating wonderlands of locations to have your festival wedding.

Woodfordia candlelit creek

Woodfordia umbrella venue
woodfordia woven caveMusic and fun

The choice of music is endless. Simply approach your favourite band for the perfect music at your wedding.

Or here’s some ideas for your festival wedding…..

Find a ritual dancer.

Have your hands decorated with henna.

Order a wreath of flowers for your hair.

Find an original steam punk costume or festive hat.

Go Woodfordian.

Wedding-henna-hands at Woodfordia

Woodfordia wedding couple

Woodfordia ritual bubbles

Small wedding in Montville

Small wedding packages

As a celebrant I am more and more often approached to conduct weddings with cosy guest lists.
So teaming up with brilliant local wedding photographer, Marion Jonkers and boutique bouquet florist, Noo, we have created a very affordable small wedding package.

The basics are covered; celebrant, photographer, flowers…  other services are available for a specialised package.
Watch out for future stories featuring venues suitable for your small intimate wedding with short guest lists.

1. A Celebrant for your Small Wedding

small wedding sunshine coast celebrant

Every wedding needs a celebrant.  An elopement needs a celebrant who can make it memorable within an intimate setting.  This is not a wedding ceremony to entertain a huge crowd, but a private and deeply personal ceremony for two people and a handful of guests.  The mood has to suit you as a couple, has to be something unique and special for an intimate moment of connection and promise.  AS your celebrant I listen to your story and create a ceremony that interweaves your story and your vibe into a tender ritual.

2. Photography for your Small Wedding

small weddings photographer

Teaming up with Marion Jonkers Photography for a small wedding package shoot, we were able to keep costs low for an intimate wedding party of less than 20 guests.  Marion takes delightful photos of a couple.  But she does so much more than that.  She takes dozens of small detail shots.  It is those intimate details that become treasured images.

3. Flowers for your Small Wedding

Divine and charming flowers from Noo of Blooming Hills Flaxton Florist, completed the package.  Noo complements choice seasonal flowers from floral suppliers with gentle and unique floral details from her own garden.  Give her a colour palette and she will create a bouquet or floral crown and a buttonhole specially for you.

4. Venue for your Small wedding

This week’s spotlight is on The Spotted Chook

small wedding venue

Jac and Paul planned their small wedding all the way from England where they have been living. I was able to help out with a specialised elopement style small wedding package for their marriage.  After several suggestions of places to go they chose The Spotted Chook, for its intimacy, and charming gardens, but also for the many little touches that make it so charming.

Thanks to Photographer, Marion Jonkers for these stunning crisp detail images of The Spotted Chook.

Small Wedding Packages

Small wedding or Elopement Packages start at $700. Call Kari today to find out what is possible for your intimate small wedding.

What they said;

We just wanted to say an extra thank you for helping make our marriage celebration as beautiful and smooth an event as it was. There were so many times when we thought you were the perfect celebrant. And you helped put us in contact with all the right people and arrangements. You made it so easy to plan from England.

Jac and Paul